About Us

We are a full in house production company. We have been working side by rise with churches since 2002. Our founded and President, Pastor Jeff Winchell is a former cutting edge youth pastor and has worked with some of the most notable christian speakers, singers, bands and worship leaders of our time. Pastor Jeff has also served on staff with some of the most recognized pastors in the America.

We are proud to say that we are a “debt free” production house. Staying debt free allows us to serve the local church in a unique and pressure free environment. All of our consulting is free to churches and most products are sold with a 10% profit merging that allows churches to focus there financial concerns on something other than the newest gadget for the media team.

Church Nerds was started out of a desire to serve the local church with new and innovative stage designs and concepts without blowing the church budget or Elders off the map. We have a client list that consists of churches from 35 people to 20k+. No matter what size the budget Church Nerds is here to serve you and your team as your church plans to grow and reach the lost in your area of influence.

After years of ministry I relized that next to the presence of the Lord in our service. The next most important key to growth was momentum. With out it – it is almost impossible to grow or move a church in the direction needed to truly impact a culture. With it no mouton is to high or wide, no valley to wide and the church becomes unstoppable. I think momentum is part of why God love to move us from mountain top to mountain top – because it’s hard to go up a hill with out a head start from the last one.

Pastor Jeff Winchell


Contact us with Promo Code – CNFIRST2012 – and receive a free sketch of what your sanctuary would look like with a new exciting look.